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In Praise of National Parks

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in a national park.  But on a recent trip with family, I visited three — Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, and Badlands.  Over the years, I’ve visited every major park except one — Yellowstone.  I’d heard so much about this park, and I was eager to see for myself. I wasn’t

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What Is Your Science Interest?

I’ve always had an interest in outer space, and last year I began subscribing to Astronomy magazine.  It’s full of fascinating scientific articles and tidbits, but what caught my eye in the May 2018 issue (yes, it’s out already; you have to plan ahead to watch the sky) was the “Strange Universe” column by Bob

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The Charitable Side of Collecting

My friends know I’m a Disney collector.  For almost thirty years, I’ve belonged to the Disneyana Fan Club (DFC, originally the NFFC,, and it’s been a very rewarding experience on many levels.  I know most people have their outside interests and passions, but I also realize occasionally these passions can get a bit… extreme. 

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