Back to School in 2021

Although yesterday was the first day of school, I wasn’t quite ready for my summer to end. But when I saw a friend in community-based learning was going to be out today, it was “Uh-oh, I’d better take this.”

Things are closer to what passes for normal this year. We’re back to seven periods a day, five days a week, and the one-way hallways are gone. There the usual confusion with the start of a school year — busses were running late and there was a constant checking of schedules to see who was supposed to be where and when. We had plenty of staff in community-based as there were quite a few absences; I suspect some parents are leery of sending their special-needs kids to school even now.

It’s always interesting to see which teachers have retired or moved on and who your new coworkers are. I did notice some changes, unfortunate in some instances, but life goes on.

And we did have a good day. For one period the kids made chocolate-dipped marshmallows. This was actually in place of math class since the teacher I was subbing for was absent, but everyone was happy with the different activity.

Overall, it’s looking like a reasonably normal year.

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