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How Does Seaweed Reproduce?

Seaweed is a plant, right? And many plants depend on pollination for reproduction. So how is seaweed able to reproduce? The trail does lead to the process familiar to many land plants. First, scientists discovered in 2016 that zooplankton can pollinate seagrass in the Caribbean. Now scientists have found a small, bug-like crustacean called Idotea balthica that can pollinate

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Why Hot Weather Is So Hard On Us

Are you getting tired of the hot weather? It’s been pretty relentless;  On July 6 The New York Times reported about 70 million people in the U.S. were under heat advisories or warnings. I’m sure you’ve seen the cautions about dehydration, heat exhaustion, and so forth. But you can be sitting in the shade with your glass of

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What Can We See From Space?

Some of you reading this are young enough to get a realistic chance to travel into space sometime in the future. When you look down on Earth, what do you expect to see? Yes, there will be oceans and continents, and even large lakes, but will there be any signs of human handiwork? This question

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