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Still Available — A Mystery Story

One of my short stories published on the Bewildering Stories website, in Issue 864, turned out so well I just kept writing. Forty-two thousand words later, I have With a Little Help From My Friend: A Mystery Story from Solstice Publishing. The book is now available from ( in three versions — Paperback, 5″ x 8″,

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The Joy in Forgotten Objects

This is one of my favorite short stories. It was originally published at in Issue 612, and was an Editors’ Choice in the 2015 First Quarterly Review.  It’s also included in my book Stories Short and Strange, available on this website and in both paperback and Kindle versions ( By the way, one of these segments actually

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Protecting the Antarctic

World travel can be life-changing. I’ve visited Hiroshima, Japan; China’s Great Wall; and Kenya’s savanna with its abundant wildlife. All have made a huge impression om me in their own special way. Now I’ve seen Antarctica and its unique and fragile ecosystem, and again, I’ve come away impressed. To a one-time tourist like me, all

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Attention Christmas Shoppers

This Saturday, December 18, 2021, I will be appearing at Antiques Village, 651 Lyons Rd, Washington Township in Montgomery County, Ohio (Centerville) with all my books ( I plan to stay from the 10 am opening until at least 5 pm. This really is a fun place with some unique antiques, plus lots of second-hand

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Looking For a Children’s Christmas Book?

If you are looking for a Christmas book for a child, I would like to offer The Cactus Who Wanted to Be a Christmas Tree, available on this website ( and in paperback and downloadable forms. Its Amazon rating is 4.6 out of 5 (