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After a twenty-year career in the U. S. Air Force, Bob Welbaum worked for fifteen years as a book and magazine editor, and for the past eight as an educator. He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and the Air Force Institute of Technology, and has also attended the University of Dayton. His writing credentials include an Internet column, the poetry book available here, short stories, and children’s stories. His latest book is “Stories Short and Strange.”

You can contact Bob through this website or at Bobwelbaum.author@Gmail.com

2 comments on “Welcome”

  1. Gary Cruise Reply

    Hi Bob,
    I hope you got your Mickey lamp home safe and sound!

    You mentioned that you’d like to mount it on a post in your yard. If the post you have is the standard 3″ size that should be very easy.

    On Sunday morning I did some minor repairs to the lamp I built for Anita and when I was done I had three little clamps left over. They are exactly what you need to mount your lamp on that 3″ post so I gave them to Anita to pass on to you.

    Just remove the three screws that hold that black plastic ring in the bottom of the Globe Fitter (the piece that holds the big light bulb) and replace them with the three pieces that I gave Anita.
    The globe fitter should now slide onto your post. Just tighten those little bolts to clamp it in place.

    I also found out Sunday morning that the Home Depot at 5860 Wilmington Pike, Centerville, OH stocks the globe fitters (about $9.00) and all the other parts needed to make a lamp.

    I hope you get many years of enjoyment from your lamp!


    • Bob Welbaum Reply

      Thanks for the follow-up. I put it together when I got home and it works fine. It’s in my family room now. Eventually I want to put it in the yard. I was going to wait a bit until I get my summer travel out of the way, but you’ve given me another option.

      Until next year,

      Bob W.

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