Where To Get Your Crazy Socks

Maybe it’s because I’ve been working a lot with special-needs kids at my local high school recently, but  recent story caught my eye.

John Lee Cronin is a young man with Down syndrome who loves unique and colorful socks.  His life took a new turn when he decided to study retailing and customer service at the local tech high school.  Coincidentally, John’s father Mark leads an organization called Paumonok Innovations Inc., which develops online informational sites and niche online stores.  Combine John’s love of socks and Mark’s expertise, and a special business, John’s Crazy Socks, was born.

Of course and unfortunately, there were a lot of skeptical people.  But today the business is thriving, and not only through the socks — five percent of their profits go to support the Special Olympics (John is also an athlete).  They also have a line of Awareness and Charity socks for a variety of causes.

So if you’re looking for footwear that makes you smile, you can find John’s Crazy Socks at  https://johnscrazysocks.com/.  And if you are considering a new venture, remember John and the power to overcome limitations.

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