Feed the Birds — A Poem

Walt [Disney] assigned Robert and Richard Sherman to write the songs for Mary Poppins.  They returned in two weeks with sketchy versions of five songs that could fit into the script, including “Feed the Birds” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Walt liked them, especially “Feed the Birds.”  “That song’ll replace Brahams’ Lullaby,” he declared, and he cried every time he heard it.

— From Walt Disney: An American Original by Bob Thomas (Simon and Schuster, 1976), page 317


I can’t compete with the Sherman Brothers, but I got the inspiration to write this about a year ago —


Feed the Birds

Cracked corn beckons the crow in the platform feeder near the patio.

A tube feeder overflows with seeds of sunflower, a wren’s delight, by the arbor.

Sugar water glistens to entice hummingbirds from the blossoms.

There is suet for the woodpeckers, starlings, sparrows, and warblers.

In the shade near the rose, the cat lies in repose.


Where are the birds?

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