Another Mystery of Life

An artist’s impression of the inside of a wormhole. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

From the fertile minds of scientists comes another off-the-wall question: Exactly what is the nature of the universe? Or even more out of this world: Could we really be living in a hologram?

This topic has come up due to a recent experiment. Physicists used Google’s Sycamore 2 quantum computer to create a “baby” wormhole. The unusual part is this phenomon was not a product of gravity, but quantum entanglement — the linking of two particles such that measuring one instantaneously affects the other. By entangling quantum bits (qubits) in tiny superconducting circuits, these scientists were able to create a portal through which they sent information. These results further the hypothesis that our universe is actually a hologram put together with quantum information. The researchers published their findings Nov. 30 in the journal Nature

No, I don’t understand it either. I’m tempted to say someone had too much time on his hands. But if you’re curious, including how this dovetails with Albert Einstein’s predictions, the entire experiment and its implications are explained in “Wormhole Simulated in Quantum Computer Could Bolster Theory That The Universe is a Hologram” by Ben Turner (

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