If You’ve Ever Been Interrupted…

This is for the ladies — Have you ever been interrupted while talking?

Anecdotally, I would think most women have at one time or another.  But what if you had a really prestigious job, like being a justice on the Supreme Court.  Would that give you enough respect to be able to finish a sentence?

Well, it should.  There is a definite protocol at the highest court in the land.  When a justice speaks, the arguing attorney is supposed to keep quiet.  But while listening to oral arguments, a law student realized this rule was being repeatedly violated and decided to investigate.

The results of this investigation are reported in a podcast entitled “Justice, Interrupted”.  It aired on December 19, 2017 on the National Public Radio program More Perfect, which covers the Supreme Court.  Like everything else in this world, his findings were more complicated than you might first think and required a bit of interpretation.  But overall (spoiler alert) he found that just being a woman on the Supreme Court doesn’t mean you always get to complete your sentences.

You can listen for yourself at  https://www.npr.org/podcasts/481105292/more-perfect.  (Don’t be discouraged by the fundraising pitch that opens the program.)


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