Words of Wisdom From “The Morning”

If you’re not tired of articles giving advice on how to approach the new year, I’ve found something that has caught my eye.

I receive an email from The New York Times entitled “The Morning”. On Saturday, December 30, it published “the best advice that readers of “The Morning” received this year,” with the logic that “Advice given on New Year’s takes on the air of a benediction, a strong first sentence with which to begin a new chapter.”

I thought the logic was sound enough take the liberty to copy my favorites here —

We are all juggling so many balls. Differentiate between glass balls and rubber balls — and don’t be afraid to drop the rubber balls. — Kathryn Cunningham, Carrboro, N.C.

Instead of calling someone out, call them in: Invite them into a judgment-free conversation with the intention of promoting understanding. — Rita Maniscalco, Huntington, N.Y.

Every time you receive a box containing something you bought online, fill it with items to donate. — Christina Poynter, Dimondale, Mich.

Before doing something, ask yourself, “Is this something that someone who loves themselves would do?” — Cathy de la Cruz, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Drive slower: It’s safer, less stressful and gives you time to look around. — Rick Juliusson, Cowichan Station, British Columbia

There are many things I can’t control, but I can control how I do or don’t respond. I can’t control others’ thoughts of me. — Chloe Stuck, Rolla, Mo.

Be proactive with your health by getting tests and establishing baselines. — Mary Anderson, Bend, Ore.

Be a fountain, not a drain. — Christine Clemens, Lowville, N.Y.

Just book the trip. — Emiley Shenk, Toledo, Ohio

Walk at least a little way down into the Grand Canyon; don’t just stay up on the rim. — Stephen Edgerton, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Happy New Year!

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