Who Votes?

Our Founding Fathers did not make it easy for us. They could’ve given us a king or other type of supreme leader and let it go at that. That would’ve been much simpler — just do what you’re told and don’t worry.

But instead they gave us a system that requires a lot of work on our part, as Ben Franklin said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” This system works best when everyone is interested, stays informed about the candidates and the issues….and participates. You can help a campaign, run for office yourself, or at a minimum you can vote. We’re in our current situation today because of who voted in the last presidential election…and who didn’t.

So who does vote? If you are curious, I’ve found an interactive map that will tell you the turnout in the country overall, your state, or your county in the last four general elections. Aptly entitled “Who Cares?”, it’s at the OZY website (https://www.ozy.com/topic/who-cares?). The patterns may surprise you, especially comparing 2018 with 2016.

And remember, the key to keeping our republic is participation. Who votes?

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