When Should You Take Down Your Christmas Tree?

Today I’m addressing a very serious question — when should you take down your Christmas tree?

Some like to take theirs down on New Year’s Day.  As a more practical matter, have it down and at the curb whenever your town comes around to dispose of them.

Your religious beliefs may influence your decision.   January 5th, the traditional “12th day” of Christmas, is favored by many.   Or January 6th, which is the Epiphany, a Christian holiday in observance of the revelation of God in human form.  Or January 10th, supposedly the day of Jesus’ baptism.

If you’d like to leave it up longer, try theming it to another holiday, like decorating it with hearts and keeping it on display until Valentine’s Day. (Whatever works!)

Maybe the best answer is, since Christmas is such a joyous season, leave it up until it no longer brings you joy.

Then again, the first priority should be safety.  It has to come down if it’s a fire hazard.   Besides, who wants to look at a dry, brown tree?

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