Top 10 Things You Hear in a Food Court That Sound Dirty (But Aren’t)

Stolen from a birthday greeting card —

Things you might hear at a food court that sound dirty, but really aren’t (just use your imagination for the pictures):

10. Toast my buns, please.

9. I didn’t think it would be so big.

8. Ewww, it’s all limp and soggy!

7. Don’t you use condiments?

6. Oh, jeez, I even got it on my pants.

5. Do you have to make that slurping sound?

4. I’ve never tried it that way before, but I’m game.

3. Mind if I use my hands?

2. I’m all sticky now.

And 1. That was messy, but it sure was good.

If it happens to be your birthday, have a happy!

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