Thoughts on Life-Changing Events

How many time has a life been changed when something totally unexpected happens?

I was reminded of this recently when I read about a member of Hungary’s far-right Jobbik political party, and what happened when he was told  his grandparents on his mother’s side were Jewish.  Plus his grandmother was a Holocaust survivor.  The revelation ended his political career and required a rethinking of both his purpose in life and his sense of self.

Yes, people can change… and change for the better.  Instead of speaking a far-right message at political rallies, he talks to school children about the dangers of anti-Semitism.  His final step?  Converting to Judiasm.

The entire story, including some background material about Jews in Hungary, can be found at The Christian Science Monitor’s website under the title “How a Hidden Past Changed an Anti-Semitic Leader into a Jewish Seeker.”

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