The White Side of Black History Month

For a different twist on Black History Month, have you ever considered the other side? The white side? For example, have you heard of White Men For Racial Justice?

Usually, any organization that has “white” in its name is a hate group, but that is definitely not true here. This is the case of people getting so discouraged with the condition of the world that they actually do something about it. Quoting from their website, “Our shared vision is an America in which everyone feels valued, has access to equitable resources to reach their full potential, and is part of joyful communities of belonging.”

The organization was the brainchild of two men in Pennsylvania, Kevin Eppler and Jay Coen Gilbert. Simply stated, they wanted a role in dismantling racism and the cult of white supremacy. Their attitude is because we are white men, “we don’t know what we don’t know.” So white men need a “brave space” to compare our assumptions and instincts with others who are being impacted by the forces that have shaped us, while realizing we are accountable to ourselves, our children, and all of society.

How successful will they be? i guess that’s up to us. Anyone who wants to join, or to learn more, can sign up at the bottom of their website’s home page: .

Also taken from “White Men Who Recognize Privilege, Fight Racism” by Maisie Sparks ( ).

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