The Truth About State Flowers

What is you state flower?  Ours in Ohio is the scarlet carnation.  But maybe the more pertinent question is where did your state flower come from?

I just ran across an article entitled “State Flowers’ Dirty Little Secret” in the October 19, 2015 issue of The Christian Science Monitor Weekly.  Most states  choose native species as a state flower, but Vermont picked red clover, which is actually indigenous to Europe, Asia, and Africa.  New Hampshire’s flower is the purple lilac, which originated in to Europe.  Indiana chose the peony.  There are two species of peony that are native to North America, but Indiana’s peony comes from China.

But I suppose this is what happens when politicians get into horticulture.  Or for designating anything official, for that matter.  The article also points out that Utah has more than two dozen symbols, including a state rock, state gem, and state mineral.

Now I’m afraid to research the scarlet carnation.  Could it be an immigrant, too?

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