The Science of Sex

On the theory that everyone likes to talk about sex (and if that’s wrong, this is going to be really embarrassing), but the NPR show Radiolab has recently broadcast a series of six programs on sexuality under the apt umbrella title of “Gonads.”  The series began with “The Primordial Journey” (June 20) on sex selection and ended with “Sex Ed” (July 27).  My favorites are “X & Y,” which includes an example of how a fish species can change sex, and “Dutee” about an Indian female athlete who was banned from competition for having a high testosterone level.

The entire series is still available on podcast at . The artwork illustrated the first program.

And if you’re really into this subject, also see the National Geographic special edition of January 2017 entitled “Gender Revolution.”

It seems that sex and gender are a lot more complicated than anyone first thought.

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