The Hidden Trap in 2020

I’ve seen several warnings — when you write this year in a date, don’t abbreviate it.

Sometimes it takes me a while to catch on, but now I understand. Simply writing “20” is an invitation to tampering.

For example, you’ve just borrowed money. On the contract, you wrote the date as 1/8/20. If you miss a couple of payments and the creditor decides to call the loan, what is to prevent him/her from doctoring the date to 1/8/2019 and then claiming you owe for twelve more months?

The fraudulent possibilities are only limited by the imagination. So for any document that’s remotely important, just make sure you spell out the date in full. At least for the next year.

Taken from “Don’t Abbreviate 2020. It’s For Your Own Good” by Harmeet Kaur (

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