Someone to Admire — Rob Jones

Never underestimate the power of running.

Rob Jones is a former Marine combat engineer who lost both legs to an explosion in Afghanistan.  But what others would think was a handicap, he saw as an opportunity.  First he and a partner won a bronze medal as rowers in the 2012 Paralympics, then went on to place fourth in the 4th in the 2013 World Rowing Championships.

To raise money for wounded veteran charities, Rob made a solo-supported bike ride across the USA in the winter of 2013-14, starting in Bar Harbor, Maine, and ending in Camp Pendleton, California,  5,180 miles and 181 days later.   The final fundraising total was $126,000.

But what got my attention was Rob’s next fundraising project — run 31 marathons in 31 cities in 31 days on his artificial limbs.  They were informal marathons — loops in city parks or out-and-back trips on trails.  He began in London, England on October 12, 2017, and completed this feat in Washington, DC on Veteran’s Day, November 11.  This raised over $200,000 more for wounded veterans.

Rob did this by beginning at 7 am each day and breaking the distance into four segments, with 20-minute breaks.  He averaged 3:52 of running per day.

Rob has said “I hope that a veteran who comes home psychologically or physically wounded will see what I’m doing, and realize that we aren’t broken or incapable of reintegrating into society.”

And people think I’m dedicated…

For more, visit “Rob Jones Journey” at  or check Rob’s Facebook page (source of the photo).

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