Some Thoughts on Travel

Some time ago, I decided my life’s ambition should be to become so important that I would never have to wait on anyone again.

Boy, do I have a long way to go.

Actually, my President’s Weekend trip to Southern California for the Disneyana Fan Club Expo went pretty smoothly. And the 80+-degree temperature upon arrival was most welcome. (Maybe I’m part lizard; at times I would just stand outside and try to soak up warmth.) But this was a holiday weekend, so all the planes were packed to the gills. A lot of families were traveling, so I had two fussy kids in the row behind me (twins!) and one on the other side. And I did have to wait a while for the van to the hotel.

This trip I realized one cannot appreciate the diversity in this country without visiting Southern California. Saturday night impeccably dressed Asian couples were coming into the hotel and going to the ballroom in the back, while Indian women in sarongs were in the ballroom to the right, with our pin-trading event on the mezzanine.

T-shirt of the week (from Disneyland): “If you meet my family, you’ll understand”

Now I’m back home and trying to get into the routine again. It may take awhile, especially after being greeted with the aftermath of the latest winter storm.


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