Some Thoughts on Travel

For the third time in about a year, I’ve been able to take a trip overseas (the reason why I haven’t posted anything lately).  This occasion was a half marathon at Disneyland Paris and, since I’ve been there multiple times, involved no real sightseeing.  But I learn a lot about the world with every adventure, and most has nothing to do with Disney or running.

This time was a reminder of how diverse the world really is.   For example, my traveling friend and I has interesting conversations with people from Senegal (a former French colony) and Abu Dhabi in the same day.  The latter is capital of the United Arab Emirates which has been undergoing a prolonged modernization and major building boom.   The UAE sounds like a fascinating place, as does Morocco.  I’ve spend a week in Egypt and a half day in Turkey and enjoyed both immensely.  (It helps to be a history nerd.)  It’s also been fun to see Disneyland Paris grow as a destination resort, but that’s another subject.

We hear about Middle Eastern turmoil, but it’s not wise to generalize; not every Arab entity is dominated by fundamentalism or in the throes of conflict.  Now now I’m looking for an excuse to visit that part of the world again.

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