The Secrets To A Happy Marriage?

If I were smart, I wouldn’t touch this topic.  I’ve never even been married myself, but I can’t resist.  So, as a public service, I’m going to share some recent information on having a happy marriage.  Here goes —

The title is “Underrated Qualities To Look For In A Spouse, According To Experts” by Kelsey Borresen.   Kelsey asked marriage therapists, psychologists and authors about less-obvious signs that someone would make a great spouse.  This is what they came up with —

  1. They don’t freak out during a traffic jam.
  2. They don’t always need to “win”.
  3. They’re committed to their own personal growth.
  4. They’re comfortable talking about sex.
  5. They fight fair.
  6. They tell the cashier if they get too much change back.
  7. They take care of their physical and mental health.
  8. They’re willing to seek help when relationship problems arise.

Personally, I’ve always been told you can tell a lot about a man by watching how he reacts to a woman, a baby, and a flat tire, but Kelsey’s list is much more comprehensive.

If you want to go beyond the laundry list and read the complete article (which includes the names of the experts), it’s at  The picture came from the article.


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