How To Save Water Part 2

My last post highlighted water shortages, using Cape Town, South Africa as an example, and one agricultural solution being tried in Oklahoma.  As a follow-up, the BBC has published a list of the eleven other cities most likely to run out of drinking water.  If you’re wondering if you live in a vulnerable area, the eleven cities are —

São Paulo, Brazil

Bangalore, India

Beijing, China

Cairo, Egypt

Jakarta, Indonesia

Moscow, Russia

Istanbul, Turkey

Mexico City, Mexico

London, England

Tokyo, Japan

Miami, Florida, USA

I was surprised at some of the names on that list.  For example, Moscow?  Yes, that city receives 70% of its supply from surface water, and much of that remains polluted from the Soviet era.

I suppose we should feel fortunate that only one U.S. city was on the list.  But the BBC article claims a quarter of the world’s major cities face water stress, so perhaps Miami should serve as an example of what can happen — swamp-draining throughout that area has allowed sea water to infiltrate the aquifer, thus jeopardizing the supply of fresh water.

The best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from happening.  Perhaps this is the best time to take a hard look at our own situation, and not just in places like Southern California… and Miami.

The complete article is at .  The photo came from that site.



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