Rethinking Sexual Harassment and Other Behaviors

How long does it take to convince a man not to harass women?  For a female journalist in Australia, it was two hours.

This young lady, Eleanor Gordon-Smith, had always been bothered by being on the receiving end of “catcalls” from males since she was a little girl (“Call me when you’re legal.”)  So she took her tape recorder and began confronting the perpetrators.  Could she convince any of them to change their ways?

Hers is one story recounted in a podcast from the NPR show “This American Life,” which originally aired December 4, 2016 (Episode 603).  Its title is “Once More, With Feeling” and the theme is people who rethought their behaviors.  It also includes the story of an Iraqi War veteran who changed the way he talked about his war experiences after he realized the effect it was having on people.  But what effect did it have on him?

The podcast can be accessed at  The photo came from that website.


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