Privacy? What Privacy?

Last year when I turned 65 I was amazed to be inundated with junk mail from insurance companies about Medicare supplemental insurance.  Which got me to wondering, how did half the world know my age?

Something similar is happening this year.  I decided to set up my writing career as a business and registered with the state.  I’m now getting mail offering to help me with my “business”.  Yesterday I received a 628-page catalog addressed to my “Shipping Department Manager”  to help me “stock my warehouse”.  I guess the good news is they don’t know this is a one-man operation in a spare bedroom of my house.

Technology can be wonderful.  I grew up on a farm where we got two black-&-white TV channels and shared a telephone party line with the neighbors.  Now we practically have the accumulated knowledge of the human race at our fingertips… with multiple devices for access.  But the tradeoff is a loss of much of our personal lives. Have you ever googled yourself?  I’m up to 2570 hits.

I do love the tools technology has given us. That includes self-publishing two books via the Internet and being able to sell books at shows by accepting credit cards.  But I also found a strange charge for $138 on this month’s credit-card bill.

Technology is a double-edged sword and we just have to keep ducking at all the right times.

BTW, anyone need a good deal on pallets?


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