Predicting the Future

Who can predict the future?  (Not theme parks, which is why Disneyland’s “Tomorrowland” always seems outdated.)

But the Wall Street Journal is trying.  The website of this venerable publication has been posting a series of podcasts entitled “The Future of Everything.”  As of this date, 23 have been posted.  Most are a bit long, going up to 27: 23, and they cover a broad range of subjects.  The latest topic is “Artificial Intelligence — With Very Real Biases”  The show’s description is

AI is already helping decide who gets a job or whether somebody gets out of jail. But how objective are the algorithms behind these often life-altering decisions? And what happens when technology inherits all the biases of its creators?

So if you want to more about where we’re headed, check out “The Future of Everything” at




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