Poem — Who Teaches You?

Who teaches you?

I teach sometimes.
That’s how I met a boy,
actually a young man,
but it’s easy to think of him as a boy
because he wears diapers
and he doesn’t talk
even though he’s 18 years old.

Oh, and he’s also blind.

We’d take him to the gym
and he would walk by himself
in big, purposeful circles
in the center of the floor
which I didn’t think was unusual at all.

Then one day
I saw him standing in a corner
about ten feet from the wall
stomping his right foot
over and over again.

“I’ve never seen that before”
I remarked to another teacher.
“Oh, he’s echo-locating,”
she replied.

“He’s what?”

You know, like a dolphin does?
He can tell where the wall is
from the sound waves.”

I didn’t know humans could do that,”
I mumbled in reply.

Who teaches you?

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