Perspective — A Poem About Winter

There’s snow all over the place in Dayton, OH, so today I thought I’d share one of my poems. (BTW, it’s in the Some Poems About Life book.)


The son stood in the doorway,
Behold a beautiful sight!
As far as he could see,
nothing but fluffy white!

Today would be a time
of laughter and play begun.
And most important of all,
no school would spoil the fun!

The father stood in the doorway,
he looked around and sighed.
That cursed snow was everywhere,
there was no place to hide.

He was due at work in an hour,
“Where were you?” his boss would scream!
How other drivers would fret and swear,
No doubt, this day would be mean.

The grandfather stood in the doorway,
he gazed around and smiled.
The snowstorm of youth had come again
and it had been such a long while.

Today would visit old memories
of winters long since past.
He could not wait to be out again,
if only his strength would last.

Three views of a snowfall,
each one with feelings true.
The age gap is never greater
than when the snow is new.

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