Our Diet Is Not Even Good For Animals?

You’ve probably heard plenty of talk about how our diet has changed over the years.  Specifically, reliance on processed foods have given us a disposition towards obesity.  I believe this, because I’ve been reading food labels and I always find some type of sugar somewhere in the ingredients of almost everything.

Or am I being paranoid?  Well, I’ve just run across a news item in today’s OZY Daily Presidential Brief that reinforces my suspicions about modern food, and it may be worse than we think.  Could even modern non-processed food be unhealthy for us?

I’m just going to copy the item directly so you can draw your own conclusions —


Zoo Says Fruit Has Become Too Sugary for Animals

The head vet at the Melbourne Zoo has cut fruit from animals’ diets after finding the formerly healthy snack has been selectively bred to be too sweet. Plums, for example, have almost doubled in soluble sugar in the last 20 years, according to a food scientist. Zookeepers found that animals were picking out the sweetest fruit in their meals and eating less healthy fare, leaving them fatter and rotting their teeth. Now primates are no longer allowed bananas, and all animals are having fruit replaced with leafy green vegetables.


Now go eat your vegetables.


From the OZY Daily Presidential Brief of Oct 1, 2018 ( https://www.ozy.com/presidential-daily-brief/pdb-89691/grape-ape-89699 ).  The photo is from that site.

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