Original Poem — On Squash

The nice people on The Pangolin Review website have published one of my poems — Issue 4, 8 July (https://thepangolinreview.wixsite.com/mypoetrysite/current-issue )!  Unfortunately, you have to scroll down and hunt for it, so I’ll copy it here to save you the trouble.


On Squash

How did the vegetable squash get its name?

For something you eat, it’s really a shame

for a verb meaning crush and to squeeze and to beat

into a fine pulp would name such a treat.


And if it’s a noun, then it may be a sport

played with racquet and ball inside a walled court.

Which has nothing to do with vegetable matters.

It’s completely distinct from something that splatters.


So how was it named? I have no real clue.

Maybe by someone with nothing to do

but to give a strange name to something that grows.

Or maybe it’s better if nobody knows.

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