Original Poem — In the Unlikely Event…

This is a previously unpublished poem I dug out of my files.


In The Unlikely Event…

In the unlikely event
of loss of cabin pressure, a mask will drop down.
Of fire, head for the nearest exit and
do not use the elevator.
Of an earthquake, go outside, away from buildings.

In the unlikely event
of being born
into wealth and privilege,
be thankful and work hard anyway.
Of getting into the college of your choice,
make the most of it.
Of getting your dream job,
use the opportunity to make the world
a better place.

In the unlikely event
of finding true love,
love her with everything you have.
Of having children
with special needs,
cherish them for what they are.

In the unlikely event
of a comfortable retirement,
enjoy and give back
what you can.

In the unlikely event
of a normal life…

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