One Day in Dance Class

Being a substitute teacher has given me the chance to see how others teach.  One of my favorite memories was escorting a special-needs student to his dance class.  He was taking dance as an enrichment and they were working him into one of their routines.  Of course, he really stood out in a room full of statuesque girls, but no one minded.

The performing arts are in a different world entirely; dance is the only class where I’ve heard a teacher say “Show me some attitude.”  On this day they were trying to learn a new routine, and they weren’t quite getting it.  Everyone was so afraid of making a mistake that they were being very tentative.  This was really frustrating their teacher.  She was trying to tell them it’s okay to make mistakes; that’s the best way to learn.  Finally she yelled “Screw up royally, and I can help you!”

Only in dance class….

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