My Nemesis: The Touchscreen

Does anyone else have trouble with touchscreens?  I’m finding they’re pretty much everywhere — my phone, my iPod, my netbook computer…

I once got a notebook computer and had to take it back; either I would touch it and nothing would happen (multiple times!) or it would open windows when my finger was still a quarter-inch away.  I have to be very careful with my iPod. When I run, I like to set everything up, then slip it into its case. But the act of putting it away can instantly change what I’ve so carefully done.  Granted, it’s a great way to discover new radio stations, but seriously…  I have a netbook computer with a keyboard, but it has a touchpad with no buttons. Everytime I use it, it opens an unwanted window or program at least once.  The screen is touch-sensitive, too. It’s getting so dusty I can hardly see through it. But I don’t notice the dust until I’m using it, and then I’m leery of touching the screen for fear of sabotaging what I’m working on.

I guess this is God’s way of telling me I’m getting old.

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