Maybe the Answers are on YouTube?

It seems like there is so much negativity and uncertainty in the world right now.   In times like these, where do you turn for solace?

I’ve been going to YouTube.  Granted, you can find anything there (including more negativity), but I’ve been concentrating on the positive.  Let me give you two quick examples.

Combating racism and prejudice?  Artist/actress/puppeteer Terri Hardin (who is a friend of mine) is mixed race, so she has experienced these first-hand.  She spoke at the recent Dayton Disneyana event, and was honest enough to share her experiences.  I thought one of the stories she told was the perfect antidote to  prejudice and I put it on YouTube myself.  I would encourage you to watch it.

Fear of immigrants?  There is a Syrian refugee named Firas Alshater who has become a YouTube star.  His first video post in late January had him in a square in Berlin, Germany, blindfolded, standing next to a hand-lettered sign “I’m a Syrian Refugee.  I Trust You. Do You Trust Me?  Hug Me!”  I recommend you see what happens.

Can a few people make a difference?  With the help of the Internet, I believe they can!

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