Just When I Was Ready To Give Up On Humanity…

This is an era when I hesitate to see the news.  Certainly there is enough negativity to last a lifetime.  So it’s nice to have a refuge to escape the disasters, threats, and misery in the everyday headlines.

Occasionally I look longingly for an escape, if only for a few moments.  One distraction is sports, particularly football.  So I spent  most of this past Sunday in front of my TV (I have to recover the investment in a 60-inch screen) watching the NFL playoffs.

That’s how I saw the Minnesota Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints with that improbable 61-yard touchdown pass on the last play of the game.  We all like to witness great plays and exciting finishes.  But I always cringe when a game is decided by a player’s mistake, as was the case here.  New Orleans’ defensive back Marcus Williams missed the tackle.  Period.  Take down Vikings’ wide receiver Stefon Diggs in-bounds, and the clock runs out, the game is over.  But he whiffed.  Missed completely, thus allowing the winning touchdown.

I’ve had my own frustrations with team sports, so I sympathize.  And Williams has plenty of company; see “Top 20 Biggest Blunders in Sports History” (https://www.thesportster.com/entertainment/top-20-biggest-blunders-in-sports-history/ ).  Unfortunately, mistakes like this, especially in the postseason, can ruin careers.

But here’s where the restored faith comes in.  When the team returned to New Orleans, they got a hero’s welcome, especially Marcus Williams.  This was the photo on Yahoo.com.

And that’s how it should be.  When things go wrong, you look for the positive, build on that, and try again.  I wish Marcus Williams a long and successful NFL career.  People are more than one moment, no matter when that moment may happen.

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