An Insight Into Otherwise Irrational Behavior: Running From Cops

You’ve heard of the saying “Don’t judge anyone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”?

I grew up in a mostly rural area with no minorities.  When I was in high school, the black sections of communities in our area were like a parallel universe.  As an adult, I’ve always tried to be empathetic, but it’s hard when you hear of people making decisions that, to you, seem completely irrational.

Like why run from the police if you’ve done nothing wrong?  Awhile back, I stumbled on a reasonable explanation.  There is a program on National Public Radio named Reveal,  a project of the Center For Investigative Reporting (  On April 29, 2017, they broadcast a program entitled “Running From Cops.”  I recommend the podcast, because it offered me an insight into a world I can’t identify with.  But if you start to listen, promise you’ll stay to hear the entire episode.

(It has a surprise ending.)


The podcast can be found at . The photo came from that website.

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