I’m Not a Photographer, But…

I was a latecomer to photography. In fact, I didn’t own a camera until I was past 30.  But I have since then, and every once in a while, I see something that looks good to me, so I take a picture.

I’m sure everyone knows of the National Geographic magazine’s reputation for photojournalism.  Did you know they accept photos on their website?  There is a feature called Your Shot.  Upload your favorite photos at http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/ for the world to see.  A photo of yours might even be picked for the magazine!  But, as can be seen from the selected photos on the site, the bar is really high.  And one caution —  if you are serious about photography, be sure to read the terms and conditions; you are giving up control of the photos.

I have been uploading my photos at irregular intervals for several years now.  Some are from trips, others are “Oh, look at that!” types from the backyard.  Yesterday I uploaded a photo of a sunset.  I know, there are millions of those.  But this was was my sunset!

I now have 42 photos uploaded at http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/34669/#/gallery/722818/ .  So far, yesterday’s sunset is the most popular to date.  Go figure!





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