I Wish I’d Written That: My Doggie Ate My Essay

From the “I Wish I’d Written That” Department, here’s a cute poem I found today —

My Doggy Ate My Essay


My doggy ate my essay.

He picked up all my mail.

He cleaned my dirty closet

and dusted with his tail.


He straightened out my posters

and swept my wooden floor.

My parents almost fainted

when he fixed my bedroom door.


I did not try to stop him.

He made my windows shine.

My room looked like a palace,

and my dresser smelled like pine.


He fluffed up every pillow.

He folded all my clothes.

He even cleaned my fish tank

with a toothbrush and a hose.


I thought it was amazing

to see him use a broom.

I’m glad he ate my essay

on “How to Clean My Room.

“My Doggy Ate My Essay” © 2009 by Darren Sardelli. Reprinted from Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie, Copyright © 2009 by Laugh-A-Lot Books.

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