How to Drive a Fish Crazy

From Reuters:

The French pet-care company AgroBiothers Laboratoire has announced it will no longer sell aquariums smaller than 15 litres and only in a rectangular shape. Putting fish in small bowls, especially without filtration and oxygenation, is now considered animal abuse.

“People buy a goldfish for their kids on impulse, but if they knew what a torture it is, they would not do it. Turning round and round in a small bowl drives fish crazy and kills them quickly,” said AgroBiothers CEO Matthieu Lambeaux.

According to Lambeaux, goldfish are social animals who need the company of other fish, ample space and clean water. Put a goldfish in a large aquarium or outdoor pool and it can live up to 30 years and grow to up to ten inches, but in a tiny bowl it will often die within weeks or months.

Germany and several other European countries have long banned fish bowls, but France has no legislation on the issue. “It is a French anachronism, that is why we decided to move. We cannot educate all our customers to explain that keeping fish in a bowl is cruel. We consider that it is our responsibility to no longer give consumers that choice,” Lambeaux said.

Taken from “French pet care firm stops selling fish bowls – they drive fish mad” by Geert de Clercq (

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