How Did The Alligator Cross The Road?

No, this is not a joke. Animals of many species cross our highways, frequently with tragic results. There are over one million collisions between vehicles and large animals each year in this country. The predictable result is hundreds of deaths to both us and the animals, not to mention property damage running into the billions of dollars. I hit a deer once in Utah, when a doe burst out of the foliage and tried to beat my car down the road, so I know firsthand how dangerous this can be.

Fortunately, there is a solution — wildlife crossings. They are being built all over the world, and the animals do use them. The proof is in the videos being posted on YouTube. For example, there is “Wildlife Crossings Stop Roadkill. Why Aren’t There More?” ( ). But as this video points out, more crossings are needed, especially in North America.

This is an idea that works. It saves lives (especially for animals) and saves us money in the long run. There must be a way to continue the momentum.

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