High School Students and the Importance of Planning Ahead

We’ve started the fourth quarter of the school year, so one would expect all the seniors would have plans.  Early this week I was talking to a senior I had first worked with in middle school, and unfortunately he doesn’t know what he’s going to do after graduation.

Some kids just seem to be clueless when planning their future. I remember a story a teacher told me several years ago about talking to a young lady who loved animals and said she’d decided to become a veterinarian.  Yet it was clear she hadn’t done any research and had no idea about the requirements for the job. (“You mean I’d have to go to college for that?”)  The teacher patiently explained to her what was involved, and by the end of the conversation she’d switched her goal to becoming a veterinarian’s receptionist.  At least then she was being realistic.

Such is the process for getting established in the world.

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