How to Get Into Trouble Through Technology

I am back from a week in Southern California and the Disneyana Fan Club’s annual convention.  (I never announce when I’m traveling for security reasons.)  I’m still unpacking and trying to resume my usual routine, but I do have time to tell you a quick story.

One of the club’s fundraising strategies is to have a series of silent auctions during seminars.  I have a good friend who purchased a nice handmade bracelet for his wife in one of these auctions.  (It was generously donated to the club by an artist whose name I didn’t record.)  He was proudly showing it to a lady friend, who was very impressed with it and asked to take its picture.  What she didn’t tell him was she immediately emailed this picture to his wife with the caption “See what your husband just bought for me!”

I think they’re still friends.

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