For Disney Fans: New From Jim Korkis

Stir-crazy from avoiding COVID-19? If you’re a Disney fan, help is on the way!

Veteran Disney author/historian Jim Korkis and editor Bob McLain have announced two new books —

Just in time for Halloween is Vault of Walt 9: Halloween Edition: Spooky Stories of Disney Films, Theme Parks, and Things That Go Bump In the Night:

“Welcome, foolish mortals, to spooky Halloween stories about all things Disney! Step into the dead center of the book to learn about the ghosts, devils, witches and other nightmare creatures that haunted the magical worlds of Disney to give us all moments of humor and horror.

“Chapters are devoted to Disney animation, Disney live-action movies, Disney theme parks, Disney witches and much more including the Ben Cooper Halloween costumes, the Halloween comic book stories of Carl Barks, Walt Disney’s connection to Halloween, and Disney Halloween television specials among many other things.” (

Also being released is Hidden Treasures of the Disney Cruise Line: Nautical Notes, Knowledge, and Nonsense:

“Welcome aboard for a voyage through the creation of the Disney Cruise Line and some of the intriguing storytelling elements about its fleet of ships.

“This book is NOT a travel guide nor is it designed to help get discounts, pick a good cabin, select the best time of the year to cruise, decide on a shore excursion, review the cuisine or anything else related to things that a good travel agent can help you accomplish.

“This book is something very different and unprecedented.

“From stories of some of the cruises Walt Disney and his family took over the decades to the Disney Imagineers plan to create a floating Disney theme park that would sail to various ports around the world, the book is filled with history and storytelling that has rarely if ever been documented.

“Individual chapters about each ship showcase some of the design elements that make each one unique. Where is Muppet Pepe the Prawn’s hidden cabin on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream? What are all the different DCL buttons that a guest can get for free at Guest Services?

“An entire section is devoted to the back stories of the dining and nightclub areas…. Bon Voyage!” (

All of Jim’s books are available on

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