Flash Fiction — Never Trust a Donut

Here’s a quick Halloween-inspired story —


Never Trust a Donut

Friday!  This was Stu’s favorite day.  Not only because it was the end of the week, but also because he stopped at “The Hole in the Wall”, the best donut shop in town.  As the name implies, this was a cozy place, but they had the best donuts, always fresh.  Not only did Stu like them, but they made him very popular with his coworkers.

“Hey, Stu, whacha got there?”  Bill asked impishly at the sight of the big box Stu carried through the door.

“You know,” Stu replied. “Cmon.  Has anyone put on the coffee?”

“Yep.  Should be just about ready.”

Word spread quickly.  Stu soon felt like the Pied Piper.

The box was carefully set on a table in the break room and everyone gathered around.  The coffee disappeared almost as quickly as the donuts.

“Oh, I’m going to need your help today, Stu,” Bill said as he took a generous bite.

“Sure.  My schedule is pretty open today.  Come on around whenever you’re…”

All eyes went to Bill as he uttered a sharp cry that was half surprise, half terror.  His right hand clutched his chest, right over his heart.  Everyone’s eyes widened as red oozed through his fingertips.  A trail of red trickled down the front of his white shirt.

Stu stared at the red stain, then was first to regain his voice.  “Oh, I’m sorry.  Did I forget to tell you I got jelly-filled today?”

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