Five History Lessons About Everyday Products

I was trying to think of something clever to write about today when something fell into my lap.

USA Today’s website has a post on “five history lessons on products you use every day”  —

— The Surprising History of Toilet Paper (Have you ever wondered how the Greeks and Romans got by without paper?)

— The Troubled Genius Behind Nylon (Anyone who has tangled with depression will be able to relate.)

— The History of Your Bra (If there hadn’t been a metal shortage in World War I….)

— The Islamic Roots of Coffee (Do we owe it all to goats?)

— One of Coke’s Most Popular Products (Hint: it came from Nazi Germany.)

As a history nerd, this naturally got my attention. They’re an interesting set of articles if you don’t mind wading through the ads.

Check it out at

By the way, when I teach I frequently tell my students there are so many fun things in the world, a secret to happiness is finding what’s fun for you. I think this is further proof.

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