“Do You Eat Like a Republican or a Democrat?”

When I saw the musical Annie, I remember Daddy Warbucks inviting President Roosevelt to dinner, then ordering his staff to “Find out what Democrats eat.”  Cute line, but apparently there’s some truth to it.

In an article “Do You Eat Like a Republican or a Democrat?”, Chris Wilson reports that members of the two main parties don’t even like the same foods —

“Using exclusive data provided by Grubhub, an online food delivery service that partners with restaurants all over the country, we examined the aggregate ordering patterns of customers across nearly 200 congressional districts. Out of 175 popular items ordered on Grubhub, 75% had significant correlations to the partisanship of those districts.”

The study developed a quiz to test diet politics by presenting 10 choices between pairs of dishes with the strongest political affinities.  For example, hamburger eaters are more likely to be Republican.

To view the methodology and take the quiz, go to  http://time.com/4400706/republican-democrat-foods/?.

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