Communicating From The Other Side

How would you like to wish your grandchild a happy 50th birthday?  Not in person, of course, but by email?

There is a way.  Go to the website FutureMe: Write a Letter to the Future and start composing (  You can send a letter to yourself, to be delivered in one, three, or five years, or specify a date.  It can be “Private” or “Public But Anonymous.”  Registered users can send letters to other people — say your new grandson should graduate from high school about June 1, 2036.  You want to share in the happy event, but are afraid you won’t still be here by then.  So write the letter today (“Grandpa is so proud of you…”) for delivery on that date!

What if there is a change in the email address?  That would be a problem, and it is addressed on the website under “Got Questions?”.   To quote their solution —

“Use an email address with some potential for longevity (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc) rather than your work address for that job you hate.  You can also change the email for your future letters from your FutureMe Account page.  Your letter will be delivered from the email address: mailer (then the at sign), so you may want to tell your email to make sure and allow and that address and mark those email as important.”

I haven’t tried it yet — I don’t see an advantage to writing to myself since I always know what I’m thinking — but this would be a good way to keep my memory alive in the family.  Until immortality is perfected, this sounds like the next best thing.

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