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Maybe It’s a Geisha Girl

I have some of my best ideas while running.  (Something to do with more oxygen to the brain, I suppose.)  This weekend I remembered a story from one of my first marathons, although this time it was in the aftermath of a race. I was in the 1984 Honolulu Marathon.  Two nights before, there was

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Dead Last … And Proud Of It!

I run as a sport, and I have since 1980.  I can’t really explain why, except to say it fills a need in my life.  What I’ve discovered about running is its individuality  —  there are many different reasons to run.  Yes, it’s fun to win awards, but most of the time meeting individual goals, from

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A Double Definition of Courage

Have you ever heard of Juli Windsor?  She finished her first Boston Marathon in 2014.  And she’s three feet nine inches tall. She and a friend a little bit taller, John Young, were in the in the 2013 Boston Marathon.  You know, the year of the bombing, and they were halted a half mile short

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