Can a Font Improve Your Memory?

We’re all looking to improve our memories, especially as we age.  What if I told you the letters you read could actually help?

Researchers at Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology have developed a new font (an assortment or set of type) designed “using the principles of cognitive psychology” to help you better remember.  This font has two unusual features: It slants slightly left, which is rare, and it’s full of holes.

This font is named Sans Forgetica and, in a kind of reverse logic,  the holes actually make it  harder to read, which tricks your brain into using something called “deeper cognitive processing” and leads to better memory retention.  This learning principle is known as “desirable difficulty” and  the holes makes you dwell on each word a little bit longer.  At least that’s what the Institute says.

So if you can read this example, you’re well on your way to a better memory!



Taken from the article “New font Sans Forgetica designed to boost your memory” by Jackson Ryan (



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