Buying Nothing For Christmas

Are you worried about Christmas? Afraid that the supply bottlenecks will leave you bereft of gifts for everyone who expects them?

Then perhaps you should try the Buy Nothing Project. Founded in 2013, the project’s purpose is to build community by connecting people through local giving, with a secondary purpose of helping the environment. In other words, by giving stuff away.

There are three ways to participate —

  1. Give things away you think others can use with a Gift Post.
  2. Ask for something you could use with an Ask Post.
  3. Or simply express gratitude with a (you guessed it) Gratitude Post.

There is a Community Commitment with caveats like participation is at one’s own risk, all activity must of course be legal, participants must be 18 years or older, and there can be no hate speech, threats or harassment.

So if this sounds intriguing to you, go to Be sure to check out the Community Guidelines.

This holiday season, perhaps it’s time to follow the website’s advice — “Buy less and share more. It makes us all richer and the planet cleaner.”

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